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Community Learning Centre

Community Learning Centre (CLC)

We have built ten Community Learning Centres (CLCs) across Indonesia. We see CLCs as an important hub and place for members of the community to learn new skills and pass on traditional skills and knowledge to others to preserve them for future generations.

Our CLCs play an important community development role in the lesser developed communities in which they are located. Our CLC’s are sometimes the only facility the community has in the form of an open public community library and they also act as a place to conduct workshops and educational programmes that may benefit the community as a whole.

CLC Activities Include

Running classes and workshops on a wide range of topics like hygiene and sanitation, literacy, sewing and embroidery, English and start-up entrepreneurship.

Facilitating the social work of ROTA and other volunteers in schools and communities and the social work of Titian Scholarship and Titian Scholarship Alumni Association (IKATIFO).

Develop projects and activities enabling teachers and students to use ICT for education, as well as to connect and work with other schools and communities.

Partnerships and Looking Forward

Going forward, we wish to further expand the development of CLC’s in less developed communities by building more, and by increasing the facilities/resources of CLC’s we have already established. There are hundreds of underdeveloped villages and communities in Indonesia and we are actively seeking more partners interested in joining us as we strive to increase our efforts in this area. Click here to see how you can help.

CLC Titian Bayat

CLC Bayat was inaugurated as part of the Titian office on 27 June 2013. It has quickly become popular with local children and adults alike, as well as being a resource for our scholarship students attending schools nearby.

Classes provided include literacy classes and basic/advanced use of computers. It’s not unusual to see children reading by themselves or playing educational games together.

CLC Titian Lombok

President Jokowi’s 2015 Presidential Decree pinpointed certain regions in Indonesia as severely disadvantaged, and North Lombok and Central Lombok were among the 122 regencies identified. After a massive earthquake hit Lombok in 2018, Titian identified two villages that were in dire need of help: Pemenang in North Lombok and Rembitan in Central Lombok.

Community Learning and Development

Our Community Learning Centre in Pemenang places an emphasis on children’s activities to create an interest in learning among local children and also empowering the local community through developing organic products. Titian’s Scholarship Programme is also offered in our CLC in Pemenang. Access to education in Lombok lags behind that in Java and this programme has been significantly oversubscribed. The Scholarship Programme in Lombok offers the same mentoring regiment as other centres, which includes regular counselling and capacity building activities, English lessons and social projects.

In the village of Rembitan, our CLC serves as a place offering activities that enable local residents to learn the art of weaving traditional designs (tenun) through cherished techniques inherited over generations. Functioning as a hub, the CLC also provides classes on literacy, language, computer, youth mentoring, sewing, hygiene and sanitation. Many of these programmes are sponsored by Soroptimist International (Jakarta Chapter).

CLC Pemenang

Before having its own CLC building, Titian conducted its programme activities at SMPN 2 Pemenang. This new CLC was inaugurated at the beginning of 2024. Its uniqueness lies in its design, which was created by a Titian Bayat alumni, Dini Kurnia Agustina. The existence of this CLC supports Titian scholarship student and the surrounding community to grow together through various empowerment initiatives implemented by Titian.

Pemenang is one of the areas in North Lombok that was severely affected by the 2018 Lombok earthquake. The subdistrict become famous when Lalu Muhammad Zohri, a sprinter from Pemenang, won a gold medal at IAAF World U20 Championships.

CLC Rembitan

Located within the local community, this CLC is a multifunctional building positioned in Rembitan Village, Central Lombok. The CLC provides essential facilities to empower the community in one of the most disadvantaged areas in Lombok.

Rembitan is home to indigenous Sasak people where the popular tourist hamlet of Sade is located. With the presence of the newly constructed MotoGP Circuit in Mandalika, Rembitan is strategically located for more tourism opportunities. Titian plays its role in helping Rembitan to flourish as a hub for eco-tourism.

The Key to Everything Titian Does is Sustainability. The Key to Everything Titian Does is Sustainability. The Key to Everything Titian Does is Sustainability.
The Key to Everything Titian Does is Sustainability. The Key to Everything Titian Does is Sustainability. The Key to Everything Titian Does is Sustainability.