Titian Foundation

Vision, Mision, and Strategy



Partnering with NGO’s, governments, multinational and local companies, Titian Foundation provides long-term, sustainable support to communities which have been struck by poverty, disaster and/or conflict. Our involvement is to provide the tools for ongoing stability and self-sufficiency through:

Construction of schools, libraries and community learning centres.

Supply of school equipment and books.

Adult skill and education programmes.

Promotion of sustainable micro-economics.

Computer literacy programmes through ICT4E (Information and Communication Technology for Education) programme.

IT networking among different schools within Indonesia and overseas.

Strategic Planning

To fulfil our mission we need work together with institutions of the government, other organisations that share our vision, as well as partners in the private sector. We realise the importance of establishing networks with such institutions, therefore part of our ongoing efforts are to seek allies. Together we hope to collectively work toward our shared vision of seeing less fortunate communities prosper and thrive in a self-sustainable way.

Through partners and allies, we would like to progress with other plans to help communities. These plans will hopefully come in the form of workshops that promote entrepreneurship for the community. Already we have accomplished this in places like Aceh and Bayat, but we feel strongly that we can duplicate this success in other less fortunate communities in Indonesia.

The aims to fullfill its mission by:

Establishing networks with national and international organizations, among others

Companies with CSR Programmes, Donor Institutions, Educational Institutions, Non-profit Institutions, Related Government Bodies, Professional Volunteers and Community Leaders.

Facilitating society empowerment through education. Included in this strategy

To build education facilities and infrastructure (school buildings, libraries, sport halls), to develop, empower, and implement Education and Learning Programmes, to develop Community Learning Centres.

Boosting community
generated income

Boosting community-generated income through Entrepreneurship Training Programmes, Workshops, Facilities and Micro Financing Assistance.

Titian Foundation to improve the education

Titian Foundation is here to improve the education, knowledge and skills of Indonesians in order to empower, bring confidence and the ensuing growth of people and their heritage.

Inspiring A Brighter Future. Inspiring A Brighter Future. Inspiring A Brighter Future. Inspiring A Brighter Future.
Inspiring A Brighter Future. Inspiring A Brighter Future. Inspiring A Brighter Future. Inspiring A Brighter Future.