Literacy: A Journey to The World

“Thank you for the presence of Titian Foundation in our community, which has given good impact to all circles; for children, teenagers and us, parents.” The Head of Dusun Rebuk I gave a speech at the Year-End Festival held by Titian Foundation CLC in Rembitan, Central Lombok. One year ago, on December 29 of 2019, […]

Princess Mandalika and Consensuality

Almost all places in the world have folk legends. Usually these stories are formed by the naivety of the people to explain some natural and social phenomena. These stories are often quite thick in describing the state of the society’s mindset when the story is made and in the end it is told by word […]

They Have Rights to Dream

Most of them got married because they had no other options. There is no reference on careers, goals, and life targets other than what they have learned in their own surroundings. In their point of view, getting married at a very young age is something common. Early marriage is an issue which has become the […]

Breaking the Myth: From Lurik to Songket

The presence of Titian Foundation is something new for Rembitan society, especially for Nyanggit community. Not only constructing a new building, Titian also brought new programmes for them, such as hygiene and sanitation, literacy, and community empowerment. One of the main programmes is songket weaving. Collaborating with Soroptimist International of Jakarta, we introduce songket weaving […]

Remembering Lombok’s 2018 Earthquake

That night, residents around Kombal Bay were still seen doing their activities. At around 8 pm WITA, after the residents had completed their Isha prayer; Hilmi, a resident of Kombal Bay, had just finished having dinner with his wife on the terrace of their house. Suddenly there was a shock that certainly made Hilmi and […]

What’s Up, Titian Lombok?

Our Community Learning Center or CLC in Lombok has been running for eight months. Once we opened it up to members of the community around us, a new story can certainly be written, especially by Titian’s staff who have been assisting them. We haven’t been stayed there long enough yet the enthusiasm of the local […]

Kaliurang Teenagers

The youth group activities in Kaliurang are currently very limited. Of course, it has an impact for teenagers to channel their aspirations and also their abilities. Their routine group meetings still cannot be held as well as other community activities and the pandemic condition makes the teenagers feel bored at home, especially with the burden […]

One Step into The Future

Year 2021 is the last year for Titianers Generation 2 to have activities together at Titian in South Tangerang. Various activities have been done by the Titianers altogether for the past three years; Drama, Volunteering, CLC Festivals, Social Projects, as well as monthly activities such as Sunday Gathering and Consultation. Holding an event to appreciate […]

Titianers! Keep Up the Spirit to Chase Our Dreams

As an opening, allow this native Klaten girl to introduce herself, just like a proverb says, ‘if you don’t know him/her, you wouldn’t love him/her.’ My name is Irma from Generation 9. Every human being have a different story, a story that implies life learning is more important than a stack of checked exam papers. […]

Sharing with Titian Alumni

Sunday, May 16, 2021, became one of the happy moments for IKATIFO (Titian Foundation Alumni Association) friends and also Titian Foundation. Why is that? It has become a tradition at Titian Foundation, especially IKATIFO, to hold HBH (halal bihalal) right after Eid al-Fitr. Although this year’s event was held online just like the previous year, […]