It’s Never Too Late to Learn

Just like in the other parts of the world, the villagers were busy with their activities in that morning. Some of them were still sleeping after dzikiran with the neighbor. Others spent their morning saying hi to other people who passed their house. Asking where they’re going even though they might already know the answer. […]

Being a Leader

Democratic? Laissez-faire? Or maybe transformational? Before we determine our leadership style, of course we need to understand the basics of leadership and also comprehend the essence of leadership itself. Leadership is one of the important skills that should be owned by everyone, including teenagers. Not solely the ability to lead oneself, but also the ability […]

Gaining Soft Skills: The Strength of Titian’s Mentorship

This is a piece of the story about what scholarship students in Titian Foundation Bayat learn and explore when they have mentoring sessions with us. Non-technical skills, or in popular language ‘soft skills’, are skills that are continuously developed by all Titian scholarship recipients. One part of our mentoring dynamics is the Sunday Gathering session […]

World Mental Health Day Seminar: Knowing Yourself to Maintain Your Mental Health

In commemoration of World Mental Health Day which occurs on October 10, Titian Foundation Bayat held a seminar with the theme of maintaining mental health by knowing ourselves. This seminar was open to the public, targeting teenagers from junior high school also university students as participants. A total of 53 participants attended the auditorium of […]

Historical Colors for the Continuity of Nature

“Well, yes, the color changes, Sir!” It was the expression of the ladies when they saw the thread that was white before it was dyed, then turned blue when it was oxidized. A long history shows that the ancestors of the Sasak tribe had good skills in natural coloring. Not only that, in the past […]

Fly High, Reach Your Dreams

Year 2022 is the last year for Titianers to do activities together at Titian Foundation in South Tangerang (Tangsel). The Third Gen Titianers have experienced various activities altogether within Titian Foundation Tangsel scholarship programme, such as Volunteering, Sunday Gathering, and Social Project activities. To celebrate graduation and the completion of the scholarship programme for Titianers […]

Knowing Them Better

During the pandemic, Titian Foundation Kaliurang focused on carrying out activities with youth and children in the Kaliurang area, especially in Dukuh Ngipiksari. Youth activities in the community were stopped/vacuumed due to restrictions on activities in the community. School activities were also carried out online so that teenagers do all of their tasks at home, […]

Rembitan Teenagers: An Epiphany

They had experienced the morning-to-afternoon blistering heat of sun on the beach when they were younger. Almost all of them were selling bracelets at the beach in their childhood which led them to a big consequence, one of which was their slower reading ability. Of course, their ability to read also affects the amount of […]

Literacy Goes to School!

Kofi Annan, known as the former Secretary General of the United Nations who won the Nobel Peace Prize with the United Nations in 2001, once said that literacy is a bridge from misery to hope. Titian also wants to be a bridge for those who want to achieve education and self-development, including literacy. To reach […]