Gaining Self-Confidence Through Literacy

In North Lombok, Titian Foundation scholarship students are actively working to enhance their self-literacy skills and raise literacy awareness in their surroundings. This initiative emerged at the onset of their participation in the Literacy Class, which has been ongoing from November 2022 to the end of 2023. Titian facilitators engaged the students in various discussions […]

Qatar Years of Culture 2023: Friendship Between Two Countries

The year 2023 marks the cultural exchange between Qatar and Indonesia, filled with various exciting activities. In late October 2023, professional volunteers from Qatar Museums representing various countries visited SMKN 1 ROTA Bayat, Klaten, as part of the Qatar Years of Culture 2023 programme. This initiative is the result of a longstanding relationship between the […]

Learning by Experiencing

In this era, classic classroom-based learning methods still hold strong value, but various new challenges brought about by technological advancements remind us to continually balance it with experiential learning outside the classroom. Titian recognizes that experiential learning is equally important as theoretical learning within the classroom. Equipping students with life skills is crucial to prepare […]

Meeting Mr. Minister: The Result of Consistency in Self-Empowerment

It’s not merely about achieving higher economic values, but far into the core of the self that has been awakened through empowerment, recognized once again by their surroundings as weavers of natural-dyed handwoven, a manifestation of hard work that has been nurtured since the end of 2019 until now. When the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises, […]

Indonesia Aspeksindo Maritime Ambassador 2023 from North Lombok

One of our scholarship students, Ni Nyoman Dea Anggreni, often called Dea, is a 10th grade student at SMAN 1 Tanjung. Dea resides in a hamlet named Kr. Bayan Tanjung, in North Lombok Regency. She is one of the 4th Generation of Titian Foundation Lombok students who successfully qualified as a participant in the 3rd […]

Teaching With Heart

After a series of training sessions to enhance their teaching abilities, at the end of the programme, the teachers who benefited from the TQI (Teacher Quality Improvement) Titian program successfully completed the collaborative writing of a book titled ‘Mengajar Dengan Hati: Untaian Inspiratif Para Pendidik’ (Teaching with Heart: Inspirational Threads of Educators). The book was […]

Small Discussion on Starting a Career Journey

By Wuddy Warsono, CFA Finally, I had the opportunity to come back to Titian Center in Bayat Village, Klaten, Central Java, after missing out for a long time since the pandemic era. The hospitality of the local residents, the beauty of the village’s nature and rice fields, the enthusiasm of the team, and the children […]

Same Goal, Different Ways

As their feet stepped off the stage and the graduation medals hung around their necks, Titian scholarship students in Pemenang, North Lombok, who are now Titian alumni, were seen putting on cheerful smiles. After spending three years together with Titian, send-off is one last agenda which is attended by Titian Foundation scholarship students. As the […]

Qatar Museums Visit to SMKN 1 ROTA Bayat

Qatar Museums official team visited SMKN 1 ROTA Bayat in Klaten, a vocational school which its construction was supported by the Kingdom of Qatar through ROTA (Reach Out to Asia) and facilitated by Titian Foundation in 2009. This special moment has beautifully shown the richness of exquisite Indonesian artworks, certainly supporting cultural initiatives of Qatar […]

Enchanting Woven Cloths in Kemnaker Event

A new phase for the weavers of Dusun Rebuk 1, the women who have been developing through skill improvement along with the full support of Titian Foundation and Soroptimist International of Jakarta. In early February, the weavers had the opportunity to take part in a talkshow held by the Ministry of Labour (Kemnaker) at the […]