Various Colors, Various Dreams

The alumni of Titian Lombok Generation 1 and 2, the early graduates, felt proud when visiting the new Titian CLC to celebrate the Send-off of their younger peers, Generation 3. They were very happy and touched—recalling their struggles when they were still Titian scholarship students. By attending this event, they expressed their appreciation to their […]

When We Spread Our Wings

At the end of the event, we held a symbolic session by releasing a dove. As that was done, I was thinking: Just like doves, wherever we are released, wherever we will be, no matter how much we have grown, we will always remember where we came from… Thank you, Titian family. Send-off is an […]

Shaping the Future: The Role of North Lombok’s Youth

Their gestures showed alertness and their eyes radiated curiosity. One by one, they knelt and sat nicely. On that day, at CLC Titian Pemenang, they gained new insights from the Deputy Regent of North Lombok, Danny Carter Febrianto Ridawan. There were no barriers between them—Pak Danny made them comfortable by positioning himself as an ‘older […]

Beautiful Batik at Thomas’s Battersea Preparatory School

Thousands of miles away from Indonesia, students at Thomas’s Battersea Preparatory School in London embarked on a mesmerizing week-long exploration, or quest, centred around the theme of “Beautiful Batik”. Batik, an ancient art form originating in Indonesia, boasts a rich and vibrant history dating back over a millennium. Its name is derived from the Javanese […]

Titian Pemenang CLC Inauguration Day!

On a radiant morning, the atmosphere was filled with excitement in Sumur Mual Hamlet, Pemenang. Faces displayed eager curiosity: a learning centre was ready to be inaugurated amidst the villagers, bringing a new era of learning and empowerment for the surrounding community. That day marked the pinnacle of the hard work of a team driven […]

Welcoming New CLC: A Learning Haven for Winners

The new chapter of Titian’s story begins. At the beginning of the year 2024, various activities have started at Titian’s new Community Learning Centre (CLC) in Pemenang, Lombok. This marks the beginning of Titian’s journey in the Sumur Mual Village. Hope is on the rise for the younger generation in North Lombok within the building […]